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The support that we have received on behalf of Steve and Debi Keehner has been so incredible.  It is because of EACH of YOU that we've been able to do this. YOU are amazing!! I know Debi and Steve are overwhelmed and are grateful for the generosity and the love of their friends and family.

I also know they ask with your generosity towards them to please remember the 19 fallen Hot Shot heros and to please keep their families in your prayers. They have paid the ultimate price in this fight, and should be kept in the forefront of our thoughts and prayers.

Thanks again to all of you who have contributed. It has been an overwhelming experience to be a part of this and to see how so many people can come together so quickly and generously to help one of their own, even several who don't even know the Keehners have contributed.. It's been very moving and really warms the heart.

You guys and gals are AWESOME!!

Eva Micklethwaite

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Update 7/6/13