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Hello All…I thought it might be time to provide another update on where we're at with the Keehner Rebuild Fund.  THANKS again to each and every one of YOU who have supported us in putting these funds together for Debi and Steve. I continue to receive calls and emails asking what else can be done. At this time, I'm honestly not sure. When the time is right, I'm sure we will know and will then let ya'll know.

Monday Debi and Steve were allowed to go back to their place. I do know it was a complete loss. I am so grateful they have each other and were able to leave with their 4-legged friends, while at the same time, feel very sad for what they and so many others are going through right now. As soon as we hear anything further, we will let you know.

Please also remember to continue to pray for those families who lost their loved ones. Services for the 19 brave men who lost their lives in this fire have begun this week. The Yarnell community has suffered deeply and permanently with this fire.

Eva Micklethwaite

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Update 7/10/13