IPSC/USPSA Competitor

You guys and gals are AWESOME!!  Your help is so very much appreciated!!  

For those of you donating to the Wells Fargo account directly, if you wouldn't mind letting me know who you are, we'd like to send you personal thank you's as we are doing to those donating to the PayPal account.  The dollar amount that you contributed isn't necessary, only who you are would be awesome!  My email address is lady38shooter@gmail.com.  If you'd like to remain anonymous, that's ok too.

I'd also like to thank Grace at PayPal who gave back every penny of the fees that PayPal charged for the donations.  

Don't forget about the match on 8/3 at YRL.  It's going to be a ton of fun and a fantastic day of shooting!

Thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to donate and to re-post the links.  Please help us to continue to get the word out there.  We're not shutting any of the accounts/links down.  It takes a lot of resources to rebuild from scratch, so let's keep the word and donations going!

Eva Micklethwaite

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Update 07/13/13