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Time for another update on the Keehner Rebuild Fund!  We continue to receive donations from all over the country, both from personal friends, shooting friends, and from friends the Keehner's have never met.  I am moved every day at how generous and caring you all have been.  

I have had the good fortune to speak to Debi now a few times.  As you can imagine, Debi and Steve have been very busy with clean up.  Debi is also extremely happy that her 500 year old tree has sprung new sprouts! This after being told by an arborist the tree would not live.  Sooo….a sign of new life in a neighborhood that has suffered greatly.  

Each time I've spoken with Debi, she has shared their deep appreciation for what everyone has done to assist them and their community.  I think her post on my Facebook sums it up,

"All the people who donated also a big thank you and God Bless All of You Folks! I am slowing down this morning for a few minutes to update some priorities like paying bills and sending out MAJOR thank you to all our loving friends and family!"  

I know Debi and Steve would ask us to continue to keep those 19 Heroes that lost their lives in our prayers. They are missed greatly by their friends, loved ones, and community.

Don't forget…YRL will host the Keehner Benefit Match this coming Saturday.  Cash entries would be appreciated.  YRL has 7 fantastic stages for approximately 200 rounds, plus a side match.  Food will be sold. All profits from the sale of the food will also be contributed to the fund.  It's going to be a super day spent with super peeps doing something that we all think is super fun and benefits a super couple!   

                                                    Please remember…bring water.  

I've been asked by a few people if the accounts have been closed.  We still continue to collect donations and will do so for as long as they come in.  Please feel free to donate through Pay Pal or the bank account.  For banking details, please send me a private message.

Thank you all very much and I hope to see you this Saturday!

Eva Micklethwaite

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Update 07/30/13