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I have been shooting IPSC/USPSA matches since 1992, and am currently ranked “A”  Class in Open and “B” Class in Single Stack.  I have found no other sport that gives me as much satisfaction as the shooting fraternity.  This sport challenges both my mental and physical abilities, and in the process it has developed friendships that will last a lifetime.

Please feel free to browse my website which will share my experiences and accomplishments through photos, videos, results, tips and stories.  This website will also respectfully give thanks and promotion to the companies that have supported my efforts.

"I love this sport and the people in it.  I have made both life long friends and memories over the course of my journey."

Eva L. Micklethwaite

Changing with Time....

I started shooting USPSA in 1992 as a “D” class shooter at the Yuma Matchmaster’s Club and quite often shot at Linea De Fuego and Norco’s ranges in California.  I started shooting with a single stack, scoped Colt  then very quickly graduated to EAA’s Witness.  After reaching “B” class with the Witness I changed firearms to a STI which I shot for many years before moving on to Infinity’s IMM.  The IMM stayed with me for 8 great years and is what I earned my “A” class with.  I have just recently changed my firearm to a Cameron’s Custom Gun built on a STI frame.  From here, I expect to only improve my performance and rank!

Photo by Paul Erhardt

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