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My dad's parents bought the place in the mid-60s...my dad spent his teen years living in the very same bedroom that I grew up in later, after my parents got it from my grandparents.  My parents have been there since the late 70s, maybe early 80s.  I was born in '82 and we never lived anywhere but there since I was born.

They really loved their little place.  It's surreal to me still. The home and most of the town where I grew up is gone/unrecognizable.  I was talking to a friend who is an emergency responder...he used to patrol the area and he said it's really weird...he felt like he was on the moon, everything was so gray and barren.  :(

Cassie Rogers

(Steve & Debi’s Daughter)

Unfortunately, the Yarnell fire completely destroyed all structures on Debi & Steve’s land.  They were fortunate enough to leave with each other, the firearms, and their (3) dogs.  Sad enough, one dog was not able to survive the move and had to be put to rest.  

Due to the age of the house, they could not find an insurance company that would insure them, so this is a complete loss for the two of them.  

Being the tight knit community we are, we have received an overwhelming response of shooters asking us how they can help Debi & Steve.  Monetary donations at this time are the best options we can think of to help them start their rebuilding process.  Your generous contribution is greatly appreciated.  

Eva Micklethwaite & Annette Williamson

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